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Royalty-free music is a modern term that represents a simple music licensing model. In general, royalty-free means that after paying a one-time upfront amount, you have the right to use the music as many times as you want, in as many of your productions as you want, for as long as you want. . almost any type of audiovisual production. You don't have to pay any additional royalties, and there are NO recurring, per-use, or per-project fees. There are a number of royalty-free licenses. Some of them may include more rights and cover more use cases than others. However, all generally adhere to the basic principles described above (one-time fee, the ability to use the track as much as you want).

You can use our music in almost all types of audio/video productions, including video/film productions, websites, multimedia, commercials and other commercials, television, radio, broadcast, podcasts, trade shows/presentations, flash animations, games, software, theatrical releases, phone messages on hold, audio books, and many other commercial and non-commercial productions. We offer a few simple music licenses that cover all the uses described above and differ in scope, e.g. number of copies that can be distributed, level of distribution (domestic or worldwide), etc.

Although our licenses cover a large number of use cases, there are certain restrictions: You may not: 1-Sell, trade, give away or distribute the music itself. 2-Use/include the tracks in music compilations, such as music compilation CDs/DVDs, where the tracks are stand-alone items. 3-Create/produce new musical works (musical compositions, songs) based on our music. For example, if you're a signer, you can't sing along to the music and sell or distribute the song. For more information, please read our license terms and conditions.

Yes. We understand that to create something you have to see and understand if all the elements fit into your creative vision. You can download absolutely FREE demos of every song from our website. Free demos are lower quality versions of the audio files you get after purchase. You can try the demos of your project and if the tracks are what you are looking for, you can simply update them with the quality audio files. You will need to open an account and download a demo by clicking "download demo" located to the right of the track title/name (at the top of the player). Please note: these demos are for demonstration/evaluation purposes only (to try it out, to show your customers, etc.) and cannot be used in real productions.

Absoutely. We know how important it is to be safe when using copyrighted material. Third parties streaming or distributing your productions may want to verify that you have a valid music license and that you have been authorized to use the music. So you get a real and official license document (a PDF certificate) that confirms your right to use the track according to the license. Each license is available for download in your account on the "Download Center".

All audio files are provided in WAV (44,000 Hz, 24-bit, stereo) and MP3 (320 kbps, stereo) formats.

immediately after your payment.

1. Add the tracks you want to your cart by clicking the & laquo; Add to cart & raquo; button or by clicking on the icon 2. 2. In your basket, select the license(s) you need. 3. 3. Click the & laquo; checkout & raquo; button and follow the checkout process. Once your payment has been processed (usually within seconds), you will see a confirmation page with your order details and download links. Download links will expire after 5 days. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details and download links.

You can access your download links in several ways: 1. Immediately after payment. As soon as your payment has been processed, you will be redirected to a download page so you can start downloading your titles immediately. 2. In your purchase confirmation email. As soon as your payment has been processed, you will also receive a confirmation email with your order details and download links. Download links will expire after 5 days. If you do not receive the confirmation email within minutes, please check your junk or junk mail folders as they may have landed there. 3. In your account at any time. Download links will also be available in your account so that you can download the purchased files at any time from the "Download Center".

Sure. It's easy: 1. Re-add the track(s) you want to upgrade to your cart. 2. Select the upgrade option from the drop-down list to the right of the music title (eg "Standard & Extended"). 3. Then follow the ordering process as usual. You only pay the price difference between the licenses and you receive a new license document immediately after payment. The license will be available for download on the "Download Center".

You are not required to include composer credits in your projects, although it is good practice. If you decide to credit the composer, you can find appropriate credit information in your license document. You can download the license document in your account on the "Download Center". When crediting, you should generally use the composer's name.

It is a very common case. You are doing nothing wrong and using our music is 100% legal. Videos may still be subject to copyright claims, and you may receive copyright notices even if you purchased a music license or obtained permission directly from the author. Please read our article describing why this happens and how to fix copyright issues on YouTube.

You will only need a cue sheet if the music is to be used in TV/radio productions or major film releases. Please see more here:

You can find the information for your cue sheets in your license document (certificate). You can download the license document in your account on the "Download Center".