Magic Moments

Magic Moments

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Magic Moments is much more than just a music group, it is an enchanting sound experience that will transport you to a world of magical melodies and exceptional musical performances. Comprised of 2 to 8 high caliber musicians, Magic Moments fuses a variety of instruments and styles to create music that touches the soul.

With singer-pianist Denis Faucher and virtuoso instrumentalists, Magic Moments pushes the boundaries of musical creativity: their diverse repertoire includes unique reinterpretations of timeless classics.

Whether to liven up an elegant evening, enchant an audience at a special event or simply to add a touch of musical magic to any occasion, Magic Moments is an essential choice. Their mesmerizing performance will transport you to magical moments that you will cherish forever.

This award is for the performance of a musical performance that ends at midnight. The maximum duration of the engagement is 120 minutes. All musicians employed by 1888MUSIQUE are professionals and benefit from the social benefits provided for this purpose. These amounts are included in the price.